Our long weekend without Daddy

My husband was at a conference for the whole weekend, even starting on Thursday morning. Sure, he’d come home, but at 9pm, and leave at 6am, so that meant that he and LO haven’t seen each other since Thursday. At least he and I got to see each other, but I know that he missed the baby a lot. This morning, he got a “treat”—the baby woke up 50 minutes earlier than what I was hoping for (clearly, this was not a “treat” for me!). My husband went in and picked him up and held him for probably two minutes before handing him to me to eat.

With my husband gone, that meant that I was going to bug my family on the weekend! Yesterday we went to the zoo. He had no idea what was going on or what animals even are, but I think he enjoyed being outdoors and with people. Afterward, we hung out at mom and brother’s house along with my nephew, niece and a few of my brother’s friends. One of the them has a little boy who’s almost exactly one year older than my baby, and it was cute to see them interact with each other. Obviously the other boy was more aware of my baby, often saying, “baby!” and wanting to squeeze him, whereas the latter would just look at the other boy and go about his business.

Today, my mom visited him while I ran an errand (groceries) and a real treat for me (a pedicure!). When I came back, he was still all smiles and full of energy. It’s easier to take care of him now, especially when you just let him roam about and explore. Usually he’ll go and walk towards somewhere where he can pull up, do just that, then turn towards you and smile ecstatically about his accomplishment. He was due for a nap when I returned, but since he was so energetic and in a great mood, I didn’t put him down until an hour later (he’s still napping now).

My mom also came with her boatload of much-appreciated snacks and food; definitely a plus for my empty kitchen (and empty stomach). I was lamenting to them yesterday about how this feels almost like single-parenthood, and my brother definitely agreed how difficult it is. I’m fortunate that this ends for me tonight when my husband makes his way home, yay! I’m sure father and son will be happy too.


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