Mommy meet up

I’ll give the mommy meet up three stars out of five. There was no structure to the outing, I think primarily because the organizer wasn’t there. I’m not sure about her style, but if I were the organizer, I’d definitely make my rounds and introduce myself to everyone, particularly to newbies like me.

Instead, I mostly talked to one of the moms who had a two-month old son. If she weren’t there I would probably rate this meet up one star out of five, but since I at least was having a conversation, I’ll give it three stars. She was interested in what I’ve experienced thus far, considering that LO is already nine months.

Other than not having an organizer to sort of centralize the event, there weren’t many babies that were LO’s age. There were about three newborn babies, as in three months and under. And there was a slew of big babies who were already walking and playing on the playground. There was another 11-month old baby there but I didn’t get to meet that baby until the end, when I was pretty much ready to leave.

What would’ve been my ideal meet up? I would love to have gathered the moms with the little babies around a blanket (since the babies couldn’t climb on the playground anyway) and talk and watch the babies interact. Instead, there were moms here and there, some who knew one another very well and others who were just floating around.

My main point in going to the mommy meet ups is so that LO can meet other babies. He really didn’t get to do that yesterday. Granted, he would look over at the little two-month old, but he didn’t get to sit down and play with other similarly-aged babies. I think he has more fun hanging out at the library and climbing on the people there.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the actual park we met up in. It was a small park which was nice, but when we arrived, the first thing I see is a random man walking along the sidewalk. Then I see two Latino kids on the playground watching their chubby dad shooting hoops, while rocking some serious sideburns, a white wifebeater and shorts. Then over to the corner I see a homeless person sleeping. At least he was the kind of homeless person who didn’t seem crazy in the mind and was just literally homeless, but still. Then, as I was trying to find a place to set down my blanket, I see trash strewn here and there: an empty packet of soy sauce, a CD broken in half, the plastic that the straw from juice boxes come from. I guess I am spoiled with my park.

At least LO got to be outdoors, and he did sit down on the sand for the first time, digging his hands in and wondering about its properties. And of course I had a good time chatting with one of the moms there. She even encouraged me to come back, saying that this was a small group, almost insinuating that this one sucked and that there are better ones. Being that this is the first time I went, I probably will go to another meet up. Most likely not at this park again, but perhaps in the other locations.


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