Tough day

Whew. What a tough day.

He celebrated his 9 month birthday by not napping. He cried his whole morning nap and didn’t take his afternoon nap. Only when we plopped him in the car to do errands did he decide to fall asleep. We didn’t want to wake him up, so after dropping off clothes at the dry cleaners, we drove through the city and ended up at Menchies for our “it’s his monthly birthday, let’s have Menchies” tradition. We sat in the parking lot with the car turned on. his dad just bought our frozen yogurts while I waited in the car with him. We were in the car for an hour and twenty minutes before he finally woke up.

Separation anxiety
He was in a good mood half the time. For instance, he’d play and laugh and crawl at home, and even when we took him to the park. But there would be other times where he would just whine and whine, especially when he thought he was alone. I’m guessing he’s developing separation anxiety that often comes up at nine months (who knew he’d be so exact?). Particularly, he kept wanting to be with me, and sometimes he would even be fine until he saw me! For example, he would be playing with his dad and having a grand time, but once I enter the room, he remembers that I wasn’t there and starts whining towards me and wanting to be carried.

And even now, when I put him down to sleep, he cried for fifteen minutes. I was about to check in on him and literally had my hand on the knob before he finally quieted down. I’m not expecting a full night’s sleep from him, either. Plus, he’s been waking up half an hour or more before he’s supposed to wake up these past four days. It’s so frustrating when his sleep isn’t in sync and is disrupted. His naps and sleep are the few times we get somewhat of a break, or at least a few moments to do chores. So when we don’t even have that, it’s ends up being a really tough day.

“This too, shall pass,” I remind myself. And the fact that it’s a relatively minor thing to complain about considering he’s a healthy and happy baby. But still, I’m glad that the day’s finally winding down.


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