Happy 9 months!

We went to the doctor for his 9 month checkup, and everything looks good! He still hasn’t gotten sick, but he does still get the pimples on his head once in a while.

He’s developing fine too. The doctor asked if he remembers where certain items are and looks for them. He does this with my slippers; I hide them under the side table, and when he passes by the table, he ducks down and peeks to see if they’re still there. He also does this with the flashlight. He knows it’s inside the bedside table so he’ll head over there and look for it.

She also asked about his babbling, and we said he does this often and even repeats words after he hears them. The other day I was counting in Tagalog and he repeated the numbers two, three and four after me. They weren’t exactly the same, for instance, instead of “dalawa” he said “dawawa,” instead of “tatlo” he said “tawo,” and instead of “apat” he said “apa.” But close enough! The doctor was very impressed that he could say “Shek.” I was pointing out his Shrek toy to him and said, “Shrek” and afterwards he said, “Shek.”

She also liked that he was starting to balance on his own feet without holding onto anything. We asked about his naps, dismayed that he only takes two 45 to one hour naps, but she reassured us that that’s okay, especially since he sleeps very well at night.

She asked about waving or pointing which he hasn’t done, although his dad said that one time he dropped him off at my aunt’s and he put his arm up when they were saying bye.

He’s also fine with his weight, height and head circumference. He’s still skinny and tall.

The year has definitely gone by very fast. A lot of those days were the longest days ever, but looking back now, the year just seemed to have flown by.


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