Mommy group

I signed up for a mommy group! This was through and I found a local mommy group that’s pretty active and has plenty of events to go to. I want him to be able to play and learn from other babies.

The other day we went to the library and played in the children’s room. Another little girl, probably one year old, was playing with the magnet board. He started crawling over to her, and I made the mistake of pulling him back, or discouraging him from going ahead and playing alongside her. In my mind, I was afraid that the little girl would be mean to him, so I held him back. I realize how that he needs to be encouraged to make friends as well as to navigate through social obstacles. Were this to repeat again, I would encourage him to play and only interfere if I see that either he or the little girl were going to hurt each other. Even crying or getting frustrated should be allowed, so that he can sort through his emotions.

The little girl was with her dad and older brother, probably age five or six. All of them were very kind, and he was just as friendly back to them, smiling his big smile. I’m sure the dad pinpointed me as a first time parent, because he was totally okay with him getting up in their space. “It’s okay; he just wants to make friends,” the dad reassured me.

I’m meeting up with these women and their babies and kids next Wednesday afternoon. I think it’ll be a learning experience for both of us—him on how to play with other children, and me on how to let him do just that!


One thought on “Mommy group

  1. Before reading this, I posted an entry about how I would like to get myself out more and enable Jesse to make friends.

    It’s scary to get yourself out there but I guess it’s a learning curve for us, as well as the kids!

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