Who knew that grass would be both intriguing and intimidating at the same time? Yesterday my husband got home early, so we took a family walk to the park and set up a blanket for the baby to crawl on. Despite the wide expanse of grass around him, he stuck mostly to the blanket, gingerly poking at the grass surrounding it. He always did this; never really knew what to make of the grass and so just sat comfortably on the blanket.

Next thing you know, you can see him working up the nerve to test out this strange green thing. He’d crawl out of my arms and over to the edge of the blanket, stick his hand on the grass, for about 2 seconds, then crawl back to my arms for reassurance. He repeated this maybe ten times in a row.

Then later he ventured out some more; now he was pulling at the grass and saw that he could yank the stuff from the ground. He kept grabbing the blades of grass and tossing it onto the blanket.

After he was done with that, he started tentatively putting his knees on the grass, as if it crawl. He did the same routine of crawling then going back to me a few more times before finally feeling comfortable to crawl. Next thing you know, he’s crawling towards the nearby tree! He even rolled onto his back and laid there, looking up at the sky.

Next, his dad took him by the arms and started walking with him, towards me. He liked walking on his feet and touching the grass.

So he went from peering over the edge of the blanket and poking at the grass to full on pseudo-walking and rolling on the grass by the end of the hour. It’s interesting to see him in action and see him exploring what’s around him. We also held him and let him touch the roughness of the tree barks and ran his hands under the water flowing out of the drinking fountain. I think he really enjoyed being out and about.


One thought on “Grass

  1. Intrepid little adventurer—can you imagine all those synapses in that growing brain just exploding with all this new sensory information? Incredible.

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