Over time

He didn’t take any of his naps today. Despite being drowsy and yawning, he would just cry in his crib, or in his Pack and Play when we were at my mom’s. At least he slept thirty minutes on the way to my mom’s and almost fifty minutes on the way back home (probably one of the few times I was actually thankful for traffic!).

Weirdly, he was in a good mood at my mom’s, playing and chatting with her. It wasn’t until we got home when the lack of sleep finally took over. He was pretty much grouchy the rest of the night, which forced us to put him down for the night at 6:45pm. Thankfully towards the end, when he was drinking his milk, he started laughing and being back in a good mood.

Sage advice
At my mom’s, I was telling her how I wished he could just fall asleep on the couch simply because he was tired. She replied, “Over time.” And I thought, “She’s right—soon he’ll grow up and we can just tell him to go to sleep. We just need patience.”

“That’s true,” I said out loud.

“No, they went to over-time,” she clarified, pointing to the television showing the 2010 World Cup. Thanks a lot, Mom! 🙂


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