He took his first dip in the pool over the Fourth of July weekend. I held him in my arms and stepped into the pool, as opposed to dangling him down and dipping his toes into the water like I did before. This time he didn’t freak out and just kept looking at the water. Then later he started splashing his hand and of course got some water on his face. Then I held him facing forward so that he could kick his legs in front of him.

The real swimming came when my brother started teaching him how to swim. Nothing major, just holding him horizontal so that he could get used to kicking his legs. Which he did, and so cutely too! He looked like a little tadpole. He didn’t like lying down on his back (what’s new?) but he was fine with his tummy to the water. I’m not sure what his reaction to it was; he didn’t squeal in laughter so he wasn’t over the top thrilled. I’m guessing he was more curious about it than anything.


2 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. it was so fun watching him “swim” with Rico. I’m so glad you’re enjoying preparing his food, feeding him, playing with him, and just recording his growing up years. He will surely enjoy this when he is old enough to read.

  2. Thanks Mom for having us over! And yes I hope he’ll enjoy the little observations I’ve made of his first few months.

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