White noise

I’m in the process of weaning him from the white noise that he sleeps with. His dad downloaded static noise and plays it off of my iPod. Originally we kept the volume up at level 20, and sometimes level 23 for when he was being especially fussy. Now that he’s been sleeping great, I gradually lower the volume for each night that he sleeps without waking up. I figure this will be easier than cutting it out cold turkey. Now he’s at level 9, which is barely a whisper but still noticeable.

I can’t wait until we don’t have to rely on the white noise anymore! And I’ll have my iPod back!

The next crutch to wean are the “temporary” black garbage bags that cover the windows. I plan to do this gradually too, cutting it little by little until eventually all the bags are down and he can nap and sleep with just the regular blinds.


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