Finger foods

I tried to see if he would play with finger foods last night. I always heard, “Give them finger foods when they start grabbing the spoon.” But then I’d also hear, “Give them finger foods when they have the pincer grab.” Well, he has grabbed his spoon plenty of times but has never put his pointer and thumb together in a pincer grab.

So I just thought I would experiment with quarter-inch size pieces of toasted bread. He grabbed them in his fist, but never with his fingers. Even when the pieces were in the palm of his hand, he didn’t transfer them from his hand to his mouth.

Instead I ended up with half of the pieces scattered all over the floor. I need to move my plastic chairmat under his high chair.

I ended up just feeding him the pieces of bread with my finger, so at least he knows that he can eat food not just with a spoon. I’ll probably try this experiment again in another week or so.

In other news…

He’s eight months old today! I found him standing in his crib briefly last night before his bath, without holding onto anything, but I think that’s just because he was crying and holding his fists up in the air. I’m sure any second later he would have timbered down flat on his back!

He does so many cute things. For instance, he loves my black and white slippers, which obviously I’d rather he not touch, so I hide these under the side table out of his reach. He knows they’re there, and every time he passes by the side table, he’ll duck down underneath and peek to see if it’s still there. He’ll see them, and he’ll try to stick his arm underneath and try to grab them but to no avail.

I also like giving him new objects to touch and discover. The other day we were strolling around the neighborhood, and I picked up a pine cone so he could touch it and look at it. Later on we came across dandelion seeds, and I showed him that if you blow on it, the little seeds flutter away into the air. He doesn’t know how to blow air yet but he did take a good swat at it with his hand, which also sent the seeds scattering.

Now that he’s eight months, I’ve reduced his milk ounces to 26 a day now, and gradually petering it out until 20 ounces at his one year birthday. I also reduced the number of times he takes milk from five times to four. Before he would drink milk around 5pm or whenever he would wake up from his third nap. Then he would eat his solids after that, and still have his bedtime milk. So now I just skip that milk and give him his solids right away, then cap it off with his bedtime milk. That means I have to pump more milk per bottle though.

Other than that, he’s been really healthy and fun to hang out with. We have our nine month appointment next month, during which we’ll be able to see how much weight he’s gained and inches he’s grown.


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