Eco Station

Our Friday adventure this week was a trip to Eco Station, a local shelter for exotic animals. The place is an indoor facility that houses fish, reptiles, cats and birds. You can tell that their mission isn’t to look like a zoo but rather to take care of the animals, but they still offer tours of the place. He and I went on our own personalized tour because no one else was there the time we went!

We breezed through the place, with our tour lasting 20 minutes in what would normally take an hour. Short, I know, but for one thing, the cats were sick and so weren’t able to be visited, and neither he nor I were exactly going crazy wanting to touch the animals. Probably when he’s older it’ll be more fun to take him so that he can actually hold the animals. Meanwhile, there I was merely petting the snakes and reptiles with a finger.

Still, I’m glad he got to see the animals. Even though he can’t interact with them directly, he soaks up his surroundings and learns with every new thing he’s exposed to.

Now that UCLA’s out for the summer, I’d like to take him to Fowler Museum and the Botanical Garden.


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