My eight month old is eating more solid food

Now that he’s almost eight months old, I’ve been less strict with his eating (no more 3-day-wait rule!) and offering him a wider variety. Since the last food update, he’s now had dairy in the form of yogurt and cheddar cheese (and tomorrow, Parmesan). He still eats purees so I just grate some cheese and melt it on top of his veggies, preferably a veggie he doesn’t exactly love.

Speaking of veggies, we bought a bunch of asparagus at the market this past week and had several left over. Rather than finding recipes for it, I just steamed and blended it and gave it to him. Surprisingly, he liked it! And of course the next day we had a stinky diaper, hehe.

I also went back to giving him beans. The first time I offered him beans did not turn out so well. It was either the bean and rice puree or the kiwi puree that might have given him an upset stomach. Either way, this time around I just mashed some organic black beans from a can, added some water and offered it to him. He loved it of course! Yesterday I did the same with garbanzo beans, although after mashing, it was still too chunky so I blended it in the blender (and woke him up in the process).

Today will be a big day for his diet: the first time he eats meat! I will be blending an organic chicken breast puree for dinner and giving it to him with rice cereal.


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