Too much sleep?

He must have partied hard at Missy’s graduation party yesterday because all of a sudden he was Mr. Sleepy Boy today.

He’s normally awake for two and a half hours after waking up and taking his first nap. This morning though, just as I was getting ready for our morning walk, he started yawning. “Okay,” I decided, “off to sleep you go.” And sleep he did, but briefly, just 40 minutes.

So he wakes up and this time I’m anticipating him being awake about three hours before his next nap. But nope, he starts yawning again after he had his breakfast. I put him down in his crib and he falls asleep.

About twenty minutes into his nap, I realized I still had to puree his garbanzo beans. He always wakes up from his naps (but not his nighttime sleep, weirdly) whenever I run the blender. So I don’t know what possessed me to think that this time would be any different. Anyway, I blend his puree, and when I’m done, I hear him crying in his crib. *Sigh* What was I thinking?

Since it had only been twenty minutes, I let him settle himself down, and after a minute or so he eventually did fall asleep again. For another hour and fifty minutes. Yup. He was asleep for a total of two hours and ten minutes.

When he finally woke up at 1pm, I thought that he probably wouldn’t nap again for the remainder of the day. After all, he’s had a total of two hours and fifty minutes of sleep already, whereas he tends to sleep two to three hours of naps total. But nope, around 4pm, after returning home from the library, he yawns again. His dad was home early today so he put him in his crib, and he slept again for another whole hour.

“Okaaaay,” we thought. “Let’s make his bedtime at 8pm so that he’s awake for three hours,” we decided.

Yet after drinking his milk and eating his dinner, the little guy is already yawning and—unfortunately—acting fussy. We ended up starting his bed time routine at 6:30.

I hope he’s not sick, or that he just needs to recoup from coming home late last night (8pm! What a party-goer!), especially since he still woke up at his normal time of 6:30am. Either way, his constant sleeping was very non-like-him!


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