He can walk while holding onto something

It seems like every new thing with him is yet anther milestone. I’ve mentioned that he can pull himself up. Now he can do that and walk across while holding onto something. Yesterday for instance, he was holding himself up against the air mattress. I placed his sippy cup on the other end of where he was, and he started taking steps towards the cup! He was holding onto the mattress for support the whole time. Eventually I think that’s the precursor to walking without support.

Crawling-wise, he definitely has his spots around the house. He loves crawling towards our air conditioner (a portable one) and he’ll pull himself up on that. I think he likes hearing the sound his rubbery hands make against the plastic of the AC. Another spot is by the glass sliding doors. He does the same thing where he pulls himself up and peers outside. And he scratches practically every surface he touches, from the couch to the canvas boxes to the coffee table.


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