He can pull himself up

LO can pull himself up to standing position! I was lying down on my side and he puts his hands on my shoulders an pulls himself up. He can do the same against the air mattress, his car seat, and a file box.

I was reading my journal, and just last month I had written, “LO can now get into his crawling position where he’s on his hands and knees as opposed to just lying on his tummy.” It’s insane how he went from just getting into position into full-fledged crawling and now pulling himself up in a span of a month!

As he matures and morphs himself into a little person, he’s becoming more and more fun to hang out with. For instance, I’ll lie down, and he’ll crawl towards me and want to cuddle. Or we’ll be crawling around the apartment with me leading the way and him following behind.

I can even get some stuff done while he’s crawling and playing, like stashing dirty clothes in the hamper and getting his food ready. I keep an eye on him, and other than periodic glances my way, he’s pretty content exploring on his own. I always make sure though that he knows I’m around. Whenever he looks at me, whether for approval or applause, I smile at him, and he smiles at himself, as if he were proud of what he just did or thought of.

Communication is also becoming more apparent. He crawls towards me or reaches his arms up when he wants to be held. And he squirms and points his face and body towards the ground when he wants the opposite.

If you can’t already tell, he likes to move around a lot. He never really did have a propensity for sitting; he always wanted to crawl, and now that he can, I have a feeling his next mission is to walk. He could care less about staying on his back, other than for reading time. Usually if I set him down on his back, he’ll just flip right on his fours and crawl around. I suppose he’s making up for all those months of being on his back. And to think at one point he hated tummy time.


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