He can crawl

I witnessed the cutest sight ever yesterday. LO was crawling and exploring on the floor when I realized I needed to start his bath. I told him, “Just a second, I’m going to run your bath water okay?” I walked towards the bathroom and he starts crying. I turn around and there he was, crawling and crying after me, as if saying “Don’t go!”

Now how can I leave him looking cute like that?

Like I mentioned, he’s now crawling, and I find myself shuffling things around: moving the little heater away from his reach, gliding the office chair away so he doesn’t fall and poke his eye out on the leg. We’ve already inserted the plug blockers so he doesn’t insert his fingers into the sockets.

It’s pretty neat seeing him crawl from room to room because you get to finally see where he wants to go. Before, he was at your mercy as to where you were going to carry him next. Now he’s just reaching for things and scooting his little legs everywhere.


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