Easy baby vs hard baby

I still don’t know if I would classify LO as an easy baby or a hard baby. Today we visited my husband’s family where little S was there. He was tired and started crying, which, compared to LO’s cries sounded more like gentle cat meows. Later when LO was being put to sleep, his cries were thunderous to the point people were commenting on just how loud he cries. “What a set of lungs!” they said. “He should be a singer!” He’s always been a big crier even as a newborn; no gentle cat meows here.

Then you hear about how babies nap for two hours, and here we are still struggling with LO’s naps. He hates taking naps, and I’m hoping it’s a stage he’s going through where his curiosity outweighs his internal sleeping clock and he just wants to stay awake all the time. He will throw tantrums when he sees the signals for naps, e.g. a dark room, his pack and play or crib.

He’s been crying a lot more frequently these days too for things that don’t or shouldn’t make him cry: he cries when he’s getting his diaper changed, he cries when he’s being put to sleep, he cries when we put on his pajamas.

And to think just two days ago, I was going to blog about how well LO had been doing with his naps because for two days straight he didn’t cry before any of his naps. Talk about jinx.

So, easy baby vs hard baby. I still can’t decide because LO’s an easy baby in so many other ways too. He’ll let anyone carry him (although this might change once the survival instinct of parental attachment can take effect). He eats his solids with no problems. He’s easily entertained with books, toys or just funny sounds and faces. And other than when he doesn’t nap, he’s extremely happy and smiles often.

I guess today was just one of those days where you wonder, “Did I really think I could handle this?” Sometimes I dream about LO being older already so that we could just tell him to go back to sleep or go take his nap. Maybe he’s teething too, who knows? In due time, this too shall pass, and hopefully that time will come soon.


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