Poop machine

First it was, “Yay he pooped!” Now it’s “Yay no poop!” For the past two weeks, LO has been a pooping machine, to the point where he developed a diaper rash. It’s starting to clear up now, but there are still hints of rash on his butt. I bought Triple Paste which other moms swear by and the Crisco-like tub of cream seems to be doing its job. I think it’s the kiwi that caused the initial upset in his stomach. Or maybe he had a stomach virus, who knows.

He even poops after he sleeps! He never did that before; he would only have a heavy diaper of pee but never poop. He pretty much poops after he eats. There was even a point when he would eat and poop at the same time, whether it was drinking his milk or sitting in his high chair. You would hear a fart, or he would grunt. Hey at least he’s efficient.


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