I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for the past seven months and can’t believe I still have five more to go. Well, actually I can’t believe I’m still breastfeeding to begin with. During the first month, I wanted to quit so bad that I went online or read a baby book every day to keep myself motivated: health benefits, weight loss, less sickness for both of us. Who knew breastfeeding was difficult in the beginning? I just thought it was as natural as can be.

Even after that first month, I would set initial goals: now on to two months, then three, until eventually it became a countdown. I always knew I would quit if it made me more miserable than it’s worth, and thankfully it never got to that point. I’m glad I can provide LO with all the benefits breast milk has to offer, and it’s markedly much easier now than in the past. He eats 10 minutes at a time, and only five times a day. Compare that to 30 minutes at a time, thirteen times a day during his younger months, and you can see why I had to go read up on those motivational benefits!

I’m proud of myself for hanging in this long, and if I could somehow procure the same milk out of a carton I would still give LO breast milk past one year. There’s plenty of benefits already: he hasn’t gotten sick, I’m actually able to produce and pump enough milk, and I’m saving big bucks on not having to buy formula! But once he turns one, he’ll start drinking cow’s milk, and I can cut some of the limitations associated with breastfeeding. I’ll get my body back, I won’t have to pump at work or for when LO’s being babysat, and I won’t have to wear nursing tops 24/7.

I’m sure in five months I’ll start getting nostalgic and miss it, but for now I just tell myself: five more months to go!


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