Seven months

On Sunday, we visited LO’s newest cousin S, a mere two days old. Compared to the little guy, LO all of a sudden seemed so big, like he wasn’t a baby anymore. And then you realize that it’s been seven long months, and how much changes in that short time. Of course when LO was only two days old, a week was long enough, and seven months couldn’t come any faster.

He still doesn’t have teeth, which is so confounding, considering he had been drooling, stuffing his mouth and exhibiting teething symptoms since he was two months old! He talks a lot more now, and in different intonations that it sounds like he’s speaking in another language that you’re just not familiar with. Now that he’s seven months old, I added yogurt to his menu, which he really likes mixed in with apples and bananas.

At seven months, I’m already pseudo-planning his first birthday party! It’ll just be a small lunch with our families at a restaurant, but I was thinking along the lines of a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, considering that’s his favorite book.

He’s still sleeping well at nights (eleven hours straight), although naps are a hit or miss. We’re extending his awake time by half an hour each segment so that he can transition to two naps. The past few days he’s taken at least one long nap (almost two hours) so hopefully he’s adjusting.

I know that to S’s parents, seven months probably seems like forever amidst the every two-hour-wakings, but everyone was right: time really does fly, especially in that first year.


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