He likes to talk. Usually it’s “haaay…” or “ohhh…” but nowadays he’ll say neat consonant-vowel combinations that sound like he’s really saying words. For instance, this morning I was driving with him and his friend Fred in the back, and I hear him saying something that sounded like “all right” and “okay.” Before whenever he would sneeze, we would say “bless you!” and he would respond “eeyy-yooo,” which was probably his way of copying us, but I like to think he was being polite and saying “thank you.” His dad said that one time, they were reading his beloved Thomas the Tank Engine book and he said, “hi there.” His dad swears he really did say it intentionally. “You say ‘hi there’ to him all the time,” he asserted.

When he was younger, he would give us what we dubbed his “nightly news” after his bath. We would be drying him up, and he would just blab and blab. He also talks in the morning, when he’s just waking up. Today he woke us up at 6:07am, but no way was I going to get up at that time if I didn’t have to, so he just stayed in his crib talking away for about 20 more minutes until I finally picked him up.

Even when he was barely 2-3 weeks old, people would tell us that he was trying to talk already. He wasn’t making any sounds, but his facial expressions would change as if he were really talking to us, just without his mouth moving or making a sound.

I’m not sure when babies typically have their first intentional words, but it’ll be exciting to hear him speak. Although parents have warned us as well: “When [child’s name] was a baby, I wished that he could talk. Now that he can, I wish that he would just shut up!”


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