Sitting and crawling. Well, almost.

Now that he has mastered rolling, he’s moved on to crawling. He’s only taken two “crawls” but he definitely likes to practice. Since he’s not as mobile as he’d like to be, he has other tricks up his sleeve when it comes to reaching an object or arriving at his destination.

One of them is his leap frog maneuver. He’s in his crawl position, but instead of scooting his thighs forward, he uses his feet to propel himself forward, and literally leaps and jumps forward. This takes him a lot of effort so he only does one leap at a time (basically, he’s not leaping across the room just yet!).

Another maneuver is his stretchy legs. This is when he uses his length to his advantage. Rather than crawling for the ball, he’ll go on his tippy toes, push himself up to a push up position and land as forward as he can so that he can reach the ball. Imagine having your legs bent, then straightening them out while keeping your toes in place; this would essentially push the rest of your body forward.

So far no consistent crawling yet, but we went ahead and bought a pack and play so that should either of us need to leave the room for a second, we can put him in there and rest assured that he’s not off poking his fingers in sockets or banging his head on the furniture.

The last time I reported on his sitting, he was only able to hold himself up for about 5 seconds before toppling over. Now he can sit by himself for a few minutes. Whenever he would lean to the side, I had to resist propping him back up because when I stopped doing that, I noticed that he figured out ways to regain his balance, like using his hands or moving his torso in the opposite direction. I still wouldn’t leave him alone to sit and play, but he can definitely sit up a whole lot longer. I think sitting in his high chair helps too.


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