Can’t take my eyes off of you


His dad placed him on the ground, walked about 10 steps to charge his phone and returned, only to find that he had rolled about five feet away and was near a wall. Ever since he first rolled over, he’s been barrel-rolling everywhere and flipping from back to tummy over and over. Even in utero, he was already active. I had no problems doing my kick counts because the kid was constantly kicking, punching and doing flips inside.

He’s now been maneuvering into his crawl position. Before, during tummy time, he would literally be lying on his tummy, with his limbs swimming in mid-air. Now, he pushes himself up onto the palms of his hands and can tuck him legs underneath him so that the front of his shins are touching the ground.

From what I understand, sitting up unassisted is supposed to precede crawling, because he would simply lunge forward from the former position to the latter. Thus far, he sits upright when he’s on my lap and doesn’t require any supporting arms. But if I were to plop him down on the ground, he’s only able to sit up for a few seconds before eventually leaning either to the left or right. He’s definitely getting there, though. It was only a few weeks ago when the only way he could “sit” was being propped against pillows, and even then he would slide his way to a lying down position.

We probably have a few more months before any serious baby-proofing needs to be done. Until then, I’ve been advised to enjoy this relatively peaceful stage before the little guy is up and running!


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