I love the Moby Wrap

I love our Moby Wrap. It’s a 9-foot piece of cotton fabric that we tie around in a particular way that enables us to stick him in and carry him around nice and tight. We initially used the Moby when he was a newborn to help him sleep. After a few quick steps, he’d be conked out, and we could go about our day (obviously very quietly, since he was attached to us).

He hasn’t slept in the Moby in a long time, but it’s a great way to lure him into a drowsy state. Yesterday, about 40 minutes before his next nap, I wrapped him in the Moby and walked around the park. I could already tell he was soothed; normally when we’re out and about his head is perked straight up and looking at everything. This time, his head was just flopped to the side the whole time. As expected, by the time we walked into our apartment, he was yawning and ready for his nap, which he thankfully slept an hour and ten minutes of.

I used the Moby again later that afternoon when we went to the library. I knew I would have a pile of heavy books to carry, so having him in the Moby left my arms free to carry the books and open the car. We borrowed Thomas the Tank Engine books and You Are My I Love You.

The Moby is supposed to be useful up to 35 pounds, so we still have more uses for it.


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