His new solid foods

Since having peas, he has now had bananas, mangoes, cauliflower, beets and green beans. He grimaced at the mangoes, cauliflower and green beans, but thankfully took to the mangoes after the second day (it’s now one of his favorites). He’s still getting to know the green beans and hopefully will befriend it as well. I think cauliflower has been demoted to the same status as broccoli (go figure—the two vegetables are related and have that strong taste).

Beets are by far the cutest vegetables he has eaten. His whole mouth is, well, beet-red, and after a whole serving of the stuff, he starts to resemble the Joker from Batman. Everything else gets messy too: bib, high chair, his hands. Super cute!

One of the benefits of making your own baby food is the variety of tastes. I’ve bought jarred food for our emergency kit as well as for our Big Bear trip, and have seen the lack of variety on the shelves. Obviously the trade off is the lack of convenience, but I’ve been so excited with preparing his food that I don’t consider the task a burden at all.

Next he’ll have carrots, summer squash and, in true Mexican fashion, beans and rice (“When can he have beans already?” was a constant inquiry from a certain someone).


One thought on “His new solid foods

  1. “When can he have beans already?” Hilarious. So impressed at you making all of his food, but then again, you were always a good cook!

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