Buca di Baby

He ate out for the first time at a restaurant—Buca di Beppo—with the whole family. As usual, he was pretty social and curious about what was going on and where the heck he was. The challenge came when it was time for his nap. Now that we don’t rock him to sleep, I was wary about how exactly he was going to fall asleep. I tried holding him in my arms and rocking a little bit, or even swaying with him. My mom tried the same, but he just ended up fussing. We gave him a bottle of milk, hoping he’d get drowsy. Instead, he just got more amp’ed to party even more! At least he was in a better mood after the milk and quit fussing.

I mentioned before that he can now fall asleep in his car seat. There was a period when he stopped doing this because we kept putting him down to sleep on his tummy. So every time he was in the car seat and on his back, he couldn’t fall asleep. Now that he can sleep whichever position he wants, he can now snooze while we’re in the car. So that’s what happened after Buca di Beppo; since he couldn’t nap at the restaurant, he thankfully just fell asleep the whole ride home.


2 thoughts on “Buca di Baby

  1. that’s great that he can now sleep in his car seat. I was curious how your ride home went. At least now he can nap in the car, and might even enjoy it.

  2. Yeah he didn’t fuss much and just went to sleep. At least he has another way of falling asleep now!

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