He’s 6 months!

Well, he’s 6 months tomorrow, but we went for our check up today with the pediatrician. She said he looked great with his growth. He’s 79th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight; in other words, tall and skinny (just like his dad!). She asked if he could transfer an object from one hand to the other and I wasn’t able to answer since I hadn’t noticed or been looking for that particular skill. With the other milestones though, he’s hit them all.

Now for the bad news: his head pimples are back. Thankfully it’s just a few this time, so we can apply topical antibiotics instead of the drops we administered last month. But it’s still antibiotics, so that’s no good. She suggested washing his head with water and a few drops of bleach (few as in, 2mL in a gallon of water) to prevent his staph infection from coming back. Her point is, bleach is better than antibiotics.

Then more bad news: he also has mild eczema. His skin is so sensitive and dry (also just like his dad), so his cheeks grow red and flaky. We need to apply lotion a lot (as in, 10 times a day. “Keep him greased,” the pediatrician advised). Along with lotion, we’ll need to apply hydrocortizone as well to keep the areas from being itchy and tempting the little guy to scratch away.

I mentioned his napping problems, and she said not to worry, that we’re doing our best, and that babies his age are so fascinated by their surroundings that they don’t want to miss anything, even for a nap. I told her about our  check-ins and how he gets worse when we actually check-in. She suggested just letting him be for 20 minutes, and if he’s still going crazy at that point, just pick him up and try the nap later. So I did that when we got home, and it works! Well, at 20 minutes he was still awake but not screaming his head off, so I just held off from picking him up just yet. Thankfully I did because six minutes later, he was fast asleep (and still is!). So for his naps I’ll try just letting him be and not do any check-ins.

He got his three shots, and of course he cried but he was a little trooper. I just kissed him and made his favorite sounds that always guarantee a smile from him. We got home though and he was throwing a fit so I gave him Tylenol. He’s also constipated; I would see him making his “squeezing” faces, and I thought he was pooping, but when I checked his diaper, there was nothing. So I gave him the trusty ol’ prune juice.

Also, now that he’s been sleeping on his back, he seems more comfortable in the car seat. He didn’t cry on the way to the pediatrician’s office, and on the way back, I think he even dozed off (after a brief crying stint). Hopefully this is the start of a better relationship with the car seat.

It’s crazy to think that he’s halfway to being a year old, and just how much more he’s going to change in the next six months. I see one year old kids and can’t imagine him being that old. But then again, I look at his newborn photos, and am in awe at how much he’s already grown. I truly relish every day, even the crappy ones, because he’s only going to be this age, this month, this minute just once, and then it’s gone.


4 thoughts on “He’s 6 months!

  1. I know! He was sort of sitting on his butt playing with boxes, he was so cute and like a little person already. It’s nuts!

  2. Dude, have you been slathering him up with this stuff called Aquaphor? My itty-bitty niece had a whole Aquaphor routine for her winter-chapped cheeks, and I borrowed some when I was home for Christmas when I had a cold that made me blow my nose all raw. Little greezy, but does the trick!

    • Aquaphor, ey? I haven’t heard of that, but so far his Aveeno lotion seems to be working. It’ll also help once he stops drooling so much!

      Miss you Liz! We gotta hang out again.

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