My baby rolled over from back to front

He can now roll over from back to tummy!

This first happened during one of his naps at my aunt’s. “He was turned the other way when I checked in on him; has he done that with you yet?” she asked. I thought she was talking about him rotating around on his back, where his head would be facing in one direction, and next thing you know it’s now facing the other way.

“Yeah, he’s done that,” I replied nonchalantly.

Later on she mentions how he ended up on his tummy. I cut her off, “You mean he rolled over to his tummy?”

“Yes!” she replied.

And he did the same thing last night. Both times when we went in to dream feed, he was sleeping on his tummy. I’m sure all those hours stuck on his back at nights gave him ample time to practice this new skill he had been due to master. He knew how to roll from his tummy to his back very early on, but never the other way around.

Now that he can roll to his tummy, I’m guessing he’s going to snuggle into that position for his sleep. He always slept better on his tummy. Even this morning, he slept past 12 hours (well, probably because he didn’t nap well yesterday) and I had to wake him up to get going.

I’m sure we’ll catch him rolling around during the day too. Now we really have to make sure to strap him in on his changing table!


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