Sleep learning, nights four, five and six

Like his second night, he didn’t cry for nights four, five and six. After I fed him, I burped him, laid him down in his crib wide awake, handed him his lovey and closed the door. Last night he talked for about 15 minutes before finally drifting off to sleep.

During one of the dream feeds (6 minutes last night, working down to zero eventually), we found him sleeping on his side, hugging his lovey and curled in a fetal position. He was so cute! As the dream feeds lessen and lessen, he’s also less “passed out” by the time I lay him down, that he’ll fuss and wonder, “Why are you putting me down?” But then I just hand him his lovey and he hugs it and conks out right then and there. So cute!

He still wakes up though towards the early morning, around 5am. But we don’t pick him up, and we just walk in to reassure him and he stops crying. Hopefully he’ll be able to sleep through those wakings too.

Naps are harder. Only once did he nap without a cry or whine, and he even napped for an hour and a half. But since then, he usually whines for 15 minutes and then naps for 45. But he’s never gone beyond the hour he’s supposed to be napping. According to what we’ve read, naps can take up to 10 days to get it right, so hopefully he’ll be able to nap like a champ soon. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement though. In the beginning, he would cry loud before his naps; now he just complains before drifting off.

It feels so refreshing that I can now put him down and know that he’ll fall asleep. One of my biggest worries with letting him cry is the argument that he’ll lose trust in us, or that he’ll grow up damaged. But we’ve found that he’s waking up happier than before. And we’re happier, because rather than spending 20 minutes bouncing on an exercise ball only to have him wake up the minute we put him down and therefore have to repeat the whole cycle, we can now get some rest or tend to some chores. We’re less frustrated and more rested to be able to interact with him in a new, positive way. For instance, last night, both his dad and I were playing with him for a whole hour, and not once did I feel guilty thinking that I should be doing some other chore or task. It feels like caring for him just got 200% easier.


2 thoughts on “Sleep learning, nights four, five and six

    • Thanks Mom! He did great again last night: he didn’t wake up at all. Well, twice he gave a little yelp but I think he was talking in his sleep. I had to wake him up this morning!

      Naps though are harder. He didn’t nap for his third one yesterday.

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