Sleep training, night three

For the first time ever, I wasn’t part of his nighttime routine. My family was celebrating my nephew’s 18th birthday at 7pm so my husband took over for the night while I enjoyed seafood buffet.

He went to bed at 7:12pm and cried until 7:42pm when he finally fell asleep. Exactly two hours later at 9:42, he woke up and cried, and his dad went in to check in and he stopped crying and fell asleep again.

We gave him his two dream feeds at 10:45pm and 3am for 12 minutes each. Then at 6:06am, he woke up and cried. His dad checked in and calmed him down, but he didn’t fall back asleep and instead just talked to himself. This went on until 6:30am when we finally woke him up for the day. So even though he cried unlike yesterday, it’s still progress, and he’s waking up happy and smiling.

It’s all worth it
For all the progress that he’s making and for being able to fall asleep on his own, one of the moments I will absolutely miss with him is holding him asleep and vertical in my arms after he finishes eating. Ever since he was a little nugget, I loved holding him asleep with his head resting on my shoulder and feeling him breathing deeply. I’ve always known then as I do now that those are the moments I need to relish because he won’t be a baby forever. And while I will enjoy finally having a full night’s sleep and will gladly say good bye to the rocking and bouncing, I’ll truly miss holding my sleeping baby.

These past few nights when we’ve been weaning him from his night feedings, I hold him that way and just stand in the room, hugging my sleeping baby and getting all mushy inside. It’s the kind of Hallmark moment where you realize that however difficult parenting is, this is one of the many reasons why it’s all so worth it.


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