Sleep training, night two

Since he cried 37 minutes during his first night, I was hoping for anything—20 minutes, even 36 minutes—less than that for his second night. So imagine my disbelief when I put him down and heard absolutely nothing. He didn’t cry at all! I think the trick was that I didn’t bounce or rock him to a drowsy state and just simply laid him down. The rocking last night probably got him angrily thinking, “Why did you rock me to a nice and comfortable state only to leave me all alone?” This time I put him in his crib content and un-rocked.


Well, until 10:15pm that is, when he gave a little cry. But all it took was his dad poking his head in to check-in, and he stopped crying after that.

He gave another little cry at 4:40am and his dad checked in again which quieted him down. Nine minutes later, he gives another little cry but quiets down quickly enough not to warrant a check-in.

And he stayed that way until he woke up at 7:30am! Amazing.

We’re going to try to time our dream feeds tonight before 10pm and 4am to hopefully beat him to the punch and keep him from waking up on his own. I’m so glad that he caught on so quickly!

Nap time, on the other hand, is a little bit more of a challenge, as expected.


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