Sleep Easy Solution

My husband and I bought the book Sleep Easy Solution in the hopes of helping the baby learn to fall asleep on his own (even during nighttime wakings), to sleep through the night completely (e.g. from 8pm to 8am) and to nap longer.

Below is the bedtime routine we want to establish (many of them we already do):

  • Bath
  • Diapers and PJs
  • Books
  • Favorite ritual (we say good night to the things in the room)
  • Milk
  • Offering him a blankie (we don’t do this yet)
  • Cuddling before leaving the room (we don’t do this yet)
  • Turn on white noise (I don’t mind this, but if LO can live without constant static, it will be heaven to my ears)

His current sleep associations:

The book also advises to ensure that his sleeping environment is safe and conducive to sleep learning:

  • We need to remove his mobile and music box before his sleep
  • We also want to use sheets that don’t make a lot of noise. He has this funny habit of scratching his nails on the bedsheets, and the non-flannel sheets make noise and end waking him up. On that note I’d also like to use the sheets we have that don’t have too much designs on them on, e.g. solid colors.
  • We bought a night light so that we can see in the room
  • Things we already do include: white noise, using a sleep sack or footed PJs, and having no toys in the crib

Our ideal sleep schedule for him is a wake time of 7:30 to 8am, and a bedtime of 8pm.

And finally, his limit-testing behaviors include:

  • Needing to be rocked to sleep
  • Taking short naps
  • Waking up when he flips onto his back
  • Sometimes waking up in the act of or immediately following placing him in his crib
  • Squirming while rocking or otherwise fighting sleep
  • Being inflexible about his sleep environment, e.g. not being able to fall asleep in a public place

So that’s where we are with his sleep and with the book. We’re both going to read it and I’ll update as we go along!


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