I had a great day with my baby

This morning, he woke up around 6:20am, was fed and put down in his crib in the hopes that he’ll continue sleeping in until around 9am or so. But no, he decided it was time to get up and talk to himself, “Haaaaiiieee… Mmmmbbaaaa…” I tried sneaking out of bed as quietly as I could, but just as I thought I was in the clear, the bed creaked, and I see his head pop up and peek out towards the bed looking for us. I ducked down to the floor fast and was on my hands and knees, crawling towards the door so that he wouldn’t see me trying to sneak past him. He didn’t, hehe, and as I was closing the door a crack I still saw him poking his head up towards the bed as if saying, “Hey where are you guys?”

After his first very brief nap, I headed off to visit my family. The drive was long, but I was hoping that since he just ate, he wouldn’t cry. He didn’t, and I’m sure having a full tummy helped, but I’d also like to attribute his contentment to Thomas the Tank Engine. I mentioned before how he loves reading Thomas the Tank Engine but I don’t think I emphasized just how much this book is his favorite. He loves it so much that every word is now ingrained in our minds out of pure repetition. So during the drive, when LO would start to fuss, I would say over my shoulder, “‘Peep peep!’ whistled Thomas the Tank Engine…” and continue to recite the whole book. And what do you know, the boy would keep quiet and stop fussing. This worked three times during the drive today, and has worked ever since I first tried it two days ago.

His second nap time was long: one and a half hours, and probably longer had I not woken him up! I thought I heard him cry, so ran through the hallway and barged right in the room, with my nieces trailing behind me and hollering, “He’s awake! He’s awake!” But that wasn’t what woke him up; in fact he was still sound asleep despite all the ruckus. No, I woke him up when i checked on him about half an hour later, slowly turning the knob and opening the door an inch. *Creak* went the hinges, and his head startles at the tiny sound. Tell me why does the boy stay sound asleep when I rush in and barge into the room but wake up over a little creak?

Other events during the rest of the day included:

  • The kids dragging a blanket and pillows out to the front yard where they all laid down looking up at the swaying tree, LO nestled in the middle of everyone.
  • Him demanding my mom to keep reading, fussing whenever she’d close a book and only hushing up when the next one was in front of him
  • Visiting his dad’s family where his grandma had to “speed feed” him his Asian pear mash because he kept eagerly opening his mouth for more

It was a good Friday indeed. Well, excepting some work issues with my hard drive, but that’s another story.


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