My baby hates the carseat

Do all Scorpio babies hate being in the car seat? His cousin is also a Scorpio and reputedly cried the whole drive from LA to San Francisco. He does okay so long as he was just fed and isn’t tired, but aren’t car rides supposed to soothe babies? You would think that if it were time for him to sleep already, that he would knock out after a few miles.

Today for instance, I went to the Apple store to fix our laptops. I was thinking I’d be done in an hour; instead I ended up staying long enough that he was not only tired but hungry as well. When the laptops were finally ready, he was tired and ready for a nap. But did he nap on the way home as normal babies do? Of course not! He cried and cried the whole way home.

Tomorrow I’m faced with a dilemma. I’m driving to his cousin’s birthday party, which is located at least 40 minutes away from me, and I’m thinking it’ll actually take us 50 minutes to an hour to get there. I could either:

1) Drive with him right after he’s eaten so that he’ll be in a good mood in the car. But then we would have wasted a good hour of his prime awake time and he would likely be alert for a short time at the party before having to take another nap again.

2) Drive with him when it’s time to take a nap and hope that the long drive will soothe him to sleep so that by the time we arrive, he’s ready to eat and party. But then there’s no guarantee that he’ll even sleep on the way and might just end up crying and needing a nap right when we arrive.

What do you think?

Update: We drove there after he ate, and he was mostly content with crying in the middle. When we arrived, he was in such a good mood.

Coming home was a different story. It was time for his nap, and he was just not falling asleep. At that point, it was already so late that even if he did nap, we would end up staying there forever, so I just drove home using option #2, when it was time for a nap and hoping he would sleep. He didn’t. And if you ever wondered if a baby could cry for a whole hour in a car seat, the answer is yes.


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