What to do when your baby has pimples on his head

The acne on his scalp started about two weeks ago with just one or two pimples, and then it spread across the right side of his head. As that was starting to clear up, more appeared on the top instead. And they’re actual pimples, the type an unlucky teenager would get on his face where there are whiteheads and goo. My poor baby.

We knew about baby acne, and he even had some on his face when he was younger, but this was different since the pimples were popping. So yesterday, in what I’d like to claim as maternal instinct but was probably more the worry-wart in me, I called the pediatrician and described his symptoms, hoping she would just tell me which medicine to buy at CVS. Instead, she wants to see him today; she’s afraid it might be an infection since he may be too old for baby acne and it certainly shouldn’t be on his scalp.

We’ll be seeing the pediatrician later this afternoon. I’ve yet to google anything about this because I know I’ll just find all the worst possible diagnoses and crank up my worry-meter. Instead we applied Neosporin per the pediatrician’s instructions and will just wait to see what she has to say. I did ask her if it was a topical infection as opposed to internal, and she assured me that it was topical (I was afraid the acne was caused by something like unsterilized bottles or strange bodily functions inside).

We’ve been real lucky with his health thus far. Even my pregnancy had no complications. The only issue he had was when he was jaundiced at birth, and we had to take him to get his blood drawn. Other than that, he hasn’t gotten sick, not even a cold, nor a fever. He thankfully was born healthy and didn’t need medicines or any drastic hospital stays. So I tell myself that we’re lucky, and that hopefully this will also go away with time and perhaps a little bit of medicine.

I struggle with worrying about my own health (hypochondriac, anyone?), and I’ve been really good about it for the past few years. Now I try to do the same with him, but trying not to worry about a little boy just shy of five months old is hard! I guess I should get used to it; no kid is immune to everything, and thus no parent is free from the worry that follows.

I’ll update this later on to let you know how the visit went.

Update: the pimples on his head is a staph infection, so we’re giving him drops of antibiotics for the next five days. I had to interrupt his sleep to bring him to the pediatrician, and he cried and hollered the whole ride there to express how much he did not appreciate that. He already sweats a lot as it is; crying in his car seat facing the hot sun made it even worse. We get to the office to undress him, and the boy has a heat rash all over his neck and chest. The pediatrician thinks the staph infection itself started as a heat rash that just got worse. Thankfully it’s not allergies, since we’ve given him sweet potatoes, broccoli and now avocado.

In addition to the antibiotics, we can continue applying Neosporin to heal the scabs and to keep him as cool as possible, e.g. no clothes except for his diaper, no blankets, blinds closed and outings to cool places when it’s just too darn hot in here.


4 thoughts on “What to do when your baby has pimples on his head

    • Thanks Ira! We just have to give him antibiotics and hopefully it’ll clear up. In the meantime, we have to keep him from scratching his head!

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