My baby won’t eat broccoli

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let me share a story that involved some green stuff:

Last night I offered him some broccoli and was met with grimace after grimace with each mouthful. So then I decided to dilute his mash with milk, to add some flavor to this apparently dull taste. And for a while there I thought it was working—he wasn’t making any  faces, and he was opening his mouth for more.

But in opening his mouth, I caught something green on his tongue. I look more carefully and find out that he had been “collecting” the broccoli—and just the broccoli—on his tongue and squeezing out the milk to swallow.

And for the big finale meant to ensure that I understood his distaste: he opened his mouth, thrust out his tongue and spat the collected broccoli mash all over his bib.

Sigh. Well, who likes plain steamed broccoli anyway? I know I wouldn’t eat it without some other ingredients mixed in. I just hope he didn’t acquire my penchant for the sweet stuff; he sure wasn’t complaining about the sweet potatoes he gobbled up a few days ago!

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!


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