Out with the boy

When I was pregnant, I would daydream about taking my little boy on outings with me throughout the day, like strolling through the park, reading books at the library and visiting museums. So imagine my surprise when LO would wail his head off when we’d try to take him out to the park or the farmers market; every time he would cry I would tense up, jealously eyeing other parents pushing their apparently well-behaved angels in their strollers. I know I had no reason to feel it, but I felt embarrassed, as if I might as well walk around with a sign that said “First Time Mom: doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

I realize now that he was probably too young to be taken out, and that we didn’t really time his outings all that well so that he was likely out and about when he should have been napping. Now at 4 and a half months, he’s much easier to bring around. His awake times are longer, he’s easier to carry and he’s much more curious about the world than he was when he was tiny.

Take yesterday for example. In the morning, I introduced him to some coworkers for the first time (“He’s such a ladies man!” they claimed, smitten by his constant smiling). Then we continued on to Sid and Me to buy his bumpers (I told you we were going to get those). But unfortunately the store opened at 10:30, so we had fifteen minutes to lallygag. So off I carry him to the crepe and boba restaurant a few stores down where I treated myself to a milk tea boba (my former addiction). He behaved so well, sitting on my lap and watching the people and the restaurant’s quirky decor. Finally the baby store opened and we were able to buy his bedding before going home to take his nap.

After his first nap and some reading and play time, I whisked him off to Babies R Us to buy his birthday gift (the boy’s first birthday party!). Getting hungry, I treated myself again, this time to Jamba Juice, also nearby. The line was so long, and he started to fuss, but once I took him out of his stroller and carried him, he was fine.

He napped for the second time, and after that and some more play and reading time, I put him in his stroller again and we walked around the block. Again, he was in a great mood and contently observed his surroundings.

I’m just glad that I can now take him out and about. Screw boba and Jamba Juice; getting to hang out with him is the real treat!


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