Did my baby just fall asleep on his own?

“Did that just happen?” I had to ask myself that last night, when I was putting him to sleep. I rocked him in my arms but he kept arching his back, straightening his body, peering over behind him and otherwise saying, “I don’t like being held like this.”

Then I thought, “Maybe he doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep.” So I put him down in his crib, tucked him tight under his blanket, and rubbed my hand on his back over and over…

…and over. Fifteen minutes later, he was still awake, but getting sleepy. I needed a break so I just stepped outside. I check on him three minutes later and he is asleep.

“Did that just happen?” Did he just fall asleep on his own?

We had similar episodes in the past, but he had already been sound asleep just a few minutes before, woke up in the process of setting him down in his crib, and fell back to sleep when we had no energy to rock him again right away. Last night was the first time when he went from being fully awake to asleep without rocking. Amazing!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, he graced us with a solid eight hours of sleep: from 9pm to 5am. Bliss…

After nursing at 5am, it was only a minute of rocking him in my arms before he started the same squirming again. “Could it work again?” I thought to myself. I set him down, tucked him tight under his blanket, and patted him again for another minute or so before stepping out to the bathroom. I come back, and…he is asleep.

“Did that just happen?” Did my baby just put himself to sleep again with no bouncing, rocking, or shushing?

I don’t want to jinx myself, especially with his naps, but count my lucky stars, I think he just did.


4 thoughts on “Did my baby just fall asleep on his own?

  1. Hurray for small victories! Okay, so a few more days into experimentation, is he still keeping up with this new trick of falling asleep on his own?

    • Yes, he actually is! Well, with the exception of one bedtime, where we put him down awake but instead of dozing off, he cried, so we just did it old school style and rocked him to sleep. But other than that, he’s been real good about falling asleep on his own, both at bedtimes and for his once a night feedings!

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