A great day with the boy

My little guy and I had a great day yesterday! Translate: he didn’t  give me a hard time with naps and sleeping.

I just told myself that I’m going to have a good day, and that if he only naps for a short while, it’s okay. And if he wakes up right when I put him down in his crib, it’s okay too. Thankfully he didn’t do either. I know, enjoy it while I have it, right?

His first nap was 50 minutes long, his second was an hour and 45 minutes long (!), and his last one was an hour and five minutes long. All three times he fell asleep pretty quickly in my arms, and just slightly fussed and fell right back to sleep when I placed him in his crib. To top it off, if we actually had bumpers in our crib, I seriously think his second and third naps would’ve even been longer, because both times he woke up crying probably because he was banging his head on the crib slats. I need to find bumpers that fit our crib!

I admit though that I got impatient with him when putting him to sleep for the night. It was 7:45pm and only 15 minutes away from How I Met Your Mother. How dare he make me miss my show! Once 7:59pm hit, I just put him down fully awake in the crib and scowled into the living room. His dad picked up the cue and rocked him to sleep. After daddy had put him down asleep, he stepped outside, and a minute later the boy started babbling. Uh-oh. But instead of picking him up right away, we resolved to stay put unless he cries, to see if he can put himself to sleep. Five minutes later…silence. Yipee!

The night went well too. I woke up at 2am because I kept hearing him banging again on the crib (gotta get those bumpers, I swear!). I moved him to the middle, and I think he got disoriented from having his head nuzzled against something to being out in the open, and so he woke up. But after that, by the time I left the house a little before 7am, he was still asleep.

Our next goal is for him to sleep on his back. I know, crucify us for letting him sleep on his tummy, but he didn’t like the swaddle anymore and thus far, every time we put him to bed on his back without the swaddle, his arms would flail and wake him up. Still, now that we’ve weaned him away from the swaddle, our next goal is to accustom him to sleeping on his back. And if he does, we probably won’t need those darn bumpers anymore!


One thought on “A great day with the boy

  1. We’ll still need bumpers later on when he’s flipping himself over and crawling. Soon after that he’ll be sitting up and pulling himself up, so the bumpers won’t be used very much.

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