You would think that nature would instill in our infant bodies the ability to fall asleep because we’re sleepy. But no. For some reason our brains left out that part and required mamas and daddies to employ all sorts of techniques to get little baby to sleep. Tactics that include: 1) bouncing on an exercise ball until his eyes are closed, then continue to bounce for 10 more minutes before settling him down in his crib, 2) shushing, 3) loud static noise on constant replay throughout the night.

The worst is when you hear about other babies that can just be put down on their back, sucking on a pacifier and zonking out minutes later. Lucky poopyheads.

This blog is dedicated to my Little World, my little booger, the sprout. He is 4 months old, my first baby, my biggest challenge in life, and along with his dad, my most rewarding gift.

Did I mention my biggest challenge in life?

As most other blogs like to do, this one will chronicle his growth, his day to day activities and new events that babies do (“His poop is mustard color now!”). Hopefully friends and family will follow along and see what he’s up to. And it won’t just be about sleeping. Daddy thought of the title because, well, right now it really is the biggest hurdle with him, considering we’re pretty lucky in all other aspects with him. And in the bigger picture, he’s actually a pretty good sleeper, since he sleeps long stretches at night in his crib now. I just think it’s odd that sleeping isn’t as easy as, say, eating or breathing or pooping and other natural things babies do.

Dear Readers, please feel free to chime in on the comments. It’s nice to know that people read along.

And dear son, thanks for going along on this journey with mama and daddy. We’re constantly learning new things about babies, about you, and about ourselves. Hopefully in later years, you will understand why we had to strap you in to the carseat despite yelling your head off, why your crib couldn’t have a soft, comfortable mattress or bumpers to keep your hands and legs from poking out, and why diaper changes were necessary despite your apparent nonchalance about sitting in your pee and poop.

And why you needed to stop smiling / squirming / crying / curiously looking around  / (insert any other action here besides sleeping) and go to sleep already.


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